Why You Should Choose Vinyl Sticker Paper for Your Stickers

Why You Should Choose Vinyl Sticker Paper for Your Stickers

What are vinyl stickers for? Stickers are made of convenient, reliable and safe material - polyvinyl chloride, or simply vinyl. Such stickers have been in the market for a long time, but they have gained popularity only in recent years along with the spread of ideas of modern design. You can find these printing products almost everywhere. This explains the wide distribution of vinyl stickers:

For original interior decoration. This method of decoration can be used in the arrangement of the interior of any room. Vinyl stickers will look great in the living room, bedroom, kitchen. When creating a unique environment in the office, these products will be able to show all their qualities:


1.In order to change and improve the design of a car or motorcycle.

If you want to stand out in a dense city traffic, you don't have to go to the car dealership and buy a new car model. There will be no need to repaint the body. Vinyl stickerswill help you design your transport as quickly and inexpensively as possible. This decor option is very durable relative to external influences and wear-resistant. You can choose different drawings and ornaments, choose an interesting color palette and present an interesting design to the public;




2.Decoration of phones, laptops and other gadgets.

The purpose of using vinyl stickersis exactly the same as when decorating cars. There will be great use of such decorative vinyl stickers - stickers will help you protect the body of the device from damage after shocks or falls;

3.Decoration of windows and showcases.

For advertising purposes, shops, offices, restaurants and cafes are decorated with different drawings, inscriptions, plots. Of course, you can paint the glass, but it is impractical, expensive, while it is much more difficult to clean the drawing. Therefore, vinyl stickersare used to place information about discounts and promotions.


What do vinyl stickers consist of?

A vinyl sticker is a convenient way to quickly update your gadget, demonstrating to others its new original design. It is possible to do it quickly enough without much effort. The reason is that the structure of the sticker is very simple. It provides reliable fastening and high wear resistance. Here's what vinyl stickers consist of:

1.Vinyl-type film, which is the basis of the custom sticker.

It is made of a special polymer with the help of innovative technologies;

2.Adhesive base that ensures that the sticker is attached to the surface you plan to decorate.

Special glue is used for this purpose. The water-dispersion acrylic mixture demonstrates the greatest effectiveness. A water base is used for its manufacture. This option guarantees reliable attachment of the sticker to any surface - it can be a wall in the apartment, a laptop lid, a car or window glass;

3.The appearance and durability of the pattern that will show off on the sticker depends on their quality.

The main task is not only to ensure the sharpness of the image, but also to create resistance to external factors, like fading and scratching. Deersticker offers highest quality stickers that are fade and scratch-resistant;

4.The substrate prevents drying of the adhesive base and provides reliable fastening in the future.

For its manufacture, paper is used with a certain amount of silicone application to the surface. This component helps to eliminate the possible interaction of underlay layers with the adhesive. As a result, when using the sticker, there are no difficulties in detaching it from the paper layer and then attaching it to the base.

Advantages of vinyl stickers


The use of printing vinyl stickers has become widespread for a reason. Such stickers have many advantages, thanks to which they can be used more effectively to decorate different surfaces:

1.Durability of the material.

If you bought a quality sticker and followed the instructions when fastening it, the decoration will last more than one year;

2.Heat resistance of stickers.

You can use vinyl stickers in different conditions. They maintain performance at excessively high and low temperatures. Stickers are not afraid of extreme frost, will not lose the attractiveness of appearance on hot days either;

3.Polyvinyl chloride stickers are resistant to moisture.

The film is glued both indoors and on the outside, for example, to showcases or ordinary windows. Stickers are not afraid of extreme weather conditions with rain and snow;

4.Stickers are not susceptible to ultraviolet light.

This property should be taken into account if you choose a certain method of decoration for yourself. Some products may lose their external qualities and brightness in the sunlight. But the vinyl sticker will not deteriorate under the sun;

5.Variety of color palette, texture features, shapes.

Vinyl stickers can be printed using a matte base or gloss. In the process of matching samples, it is necessary to specify the desired size and shape;

6.The ability to preserve the integrity of your smartphone and laptop with the help of a protective film.

In case of an accidental impact or scratch, the case will not be damaged;

7.The stickers themselves are quite durable, wear-resistant and can retain their aesthetic and protective properties for a long period of time;

8.Affordable prices while maintaining high quality parameters.

With vinyl stickers, you can decorate your home in an original way. The decor on your smartphone or laptop would look great. This is not just a beautiful decoration, but also protection against scratches and damage. Deersticker offers only highest quality products for best price, in our many years of experience we have satisfied numerous customers. Order your vinyl stickers today!