Why does Your Product Need Transparent Custom Stickers?

Feature image Transparent Custom Stickers

The use of stickers in people’s lives starts in the 1930s, after decades of development, sticker printing has become a unique printing department, nowadays more and more people engage in it or invest in sticker printing industry, sticker market has a lot of room for progress. Custom stickers, transparent stickers, have been widely used in drug labels, bar code labels, battery labels, beer and bottle labels and other aspects. Why is there such a big market for transparent stickers? Because it has the following three advantages:


1.Transparent stickers cost low, are fast to be produced.

Transparent sticker printing is mostly used for trademarks and commodity stickers, a large number of transparent stickers can be printed in a short time, which improves labor productivity.

In addition, the printing of transparent stickers produces less waste, saving companies the manpower and time to clean up waste.



2.Transparent adhesive printing technology is flexible.

Transparent adhesive can be printed with a variety of equipment. It can be printed on paper or with different materials such as vinyl screen.



3.Transparent stickers are easy to print and the steps are simple.

Transparent sticker printing is only divided into three processes - blanking process, plate making and ink adjustment process and sticker printing.

Transparent sticker printing process is simple, and the high quality of these stickers satisfies even the most picky customers.



There are many advantages of choosing transparent stickers for your business. The transparent stickers made by Deersticker occupy an increasing proportion in the global market. Why not order your transparent stickers today?