What are die cut stickers? What are kiss cut stickers? What's the difference between them?

What are die cut stickers? What are kiss cut stickers? What's the difference between them?


The die cut (left) and kiss cut (right) stickers in the photo above look similar, but they have different features and benefits.

1.PVC Die Cut Stickers

When producing die-cut, the cutter cuts the entire sticker layer and backing paper along the outer contour of the graphic.  This way when you get the sticker, what you see is a custom shaped sticker that shows off a nice sticker look even before it is applied.

2.Kiss cut sticker

The kiss cut stickers are also precisely cut, but only the PVC sticker layer is cut while the backing paper remains intact. So kiss cut stickers usually have a regular shaped background around the graphic.

Die cut and kiss cut stickers, how to choose?

Die-cut stickers and kiss-cut stickers look exactly the same after application, when using the same design pattern to make stickers.  So which sticker should we choose?

3.Personal preferences

Die-cut and kiss-cut look exactly the same when applied to the surface of an item, so which one you choose is largely a matter of your preference. Generally speaking, most people prefer the presentation of die-cut stickers. For retailers, die cut stickers will have a better look when sold.

4.Application scenarios

If you are designing a sticker collection with the same theme but a lot of material, then kiss cut stickers are better. Because you can print some creative elements in the space around the sticker to make the whole product more attractive and unique.  You can even add your brand name, website or contact details.


5.Design pattern


Kiss cut stickers are better if you have an intricate design. The backing of the sticker will help protect the edges of the sticker from scratches.


The cost for both die cut and kiss cut stickers is based on a combination of design and quantity.  However, die-cut stickers are generally less expensive to produce in large quantities.

Features of Deersticker Film


Both die-cut and kiss-cut stickers can be coated with a glossy or matte covering, which will extend the sticker's outdoor durability and fade resistance.

2.Weather resistance

The latest technology uses premium PVC film material (3M film material) and HP Latex advanced printing to create weather-resistant, scratch- and abrasion-resistant stickers.

3.Custom design

We offer custom designs for die cut and kiss cut stickers, but the minimum order quantity for die cut is usually higher than for kiss cut.

4.Rounded corners

All premium PVC die-cut and kiss-cut stickers are available with rounded corners, which can effectively prevent the corners from rolling up after the pattern is applied.