More Than 50 Creative Places For Your Custom Die Cut Stickers

More Than 50 Creative Places For Your Custom Die Cut Stickers

You can put vinyl stickers on almost everything: laptops, photo frames, mirrors, folders, notebooks and much more. Today, we offer you a list of 50+ places where you can place your custom labels cheap to print and easy to design. Cheap custom stickers are available for all to purchase on Deersticker and they’re guaranteed to bring your life more joy, help decorate your working and living space and light up any event or party!



You might think sticker printing isn’t suitable for furniture, but you might just see that more and more people use die cut custom stickers just for that. Let’s see where you can apply them!


  • Bookshelf
  • Coffee table
  • Filing cabinet
  • Folding chair
  • Lamp
  • Photo frame
  • Plastic storage container
  • Microwave oven
  • Mirror
  • Bedside table
  • Garbage bin


    This category of goods is also no stranger to custom stickers being put on them. Vinyl stickers can give your gadgets and devices a much cuter look! Where to apply them?


    • Camera case
    • Phone case
    • Personal computer
    • External hard drive
    • Laptop case
    • Notebook
    • Any side of the track padon the laptop keyboard
    • Tablet
    • TV/remote control
    • Game console

      Paper products

      One of the most common categories of things that we decorate with stickers are paper products. Sticker printing has made it easy for all to get the exact designs that you want to have on your:


      • Clipboard
      • Folder
      • Diary/magazine
      • Gift package/tag
      • Letter/envelope
      • Place card (wedding seating cards, etc.)
      • Planner
      • Notebook


      Personal belongings

      Custom label printing can help you tag your personal belongings in order not to lose or forget them, and to add a creative touch to your things. Your vehicle will look amazing once you print labels. Order custom labels today and put them on your:

      • Backpack
      • Car bumper
      • Car window
      • Wallet
      • Wheelchair



      Musical items can help establish a certain atmosphere, and custom vinyl stickers help with just that. Reflect your unique style and create a next level musical experiences once you place your stickers on your:

      • CD-ROM
      • Drums
      • Guitar case (or case for any other instrument)
      • MP3 player
      • iPod
      • Stereo
      • Record player
      • Speaker

        Tourist equipment

        Going on a trip we sometimes risk forgetting or loosing an item or two. Custom label printing has made it easier to solve this problem. Put your labels on your:

        • Cooler
        • Lunch box
        • Passport cover
        • Trunk on the roof
        • Suitcases/baggage
        • Road map
        • Sticks for tent
        • Water bottle

          Sporting goods

          Doing sports keeps you healthy and happy. Double the happiness with custom and cheap die cut stickers. All of these are excellent for you to put a custom sticker on:

          • Bicycle
          • Helmet
          • Scooter
          • Skateboard
          • Snowboard


          There are hundreds of places suitable for you to decorate with custom vinyl stickers. Deersticker’s vinyl stickers are made of high quality vinyl, they’re fade resistant and don’t get scratches, so they can preserve their great look for a long time. Order yours today!