How Labels for Jars Will Help Your Products Sell Better

How Labels for Jars Will Help Your Products Sell Better


Jar stickers are a necessary element of packaging and a powerful marketing tool, Jar stickers provide the consumer with all the information about the product, form the brand image, increase its recognition. Thanks to jar labels, customers will learn about their favorite products, as well as pay attention to new ones. Therefore, labels on jars with various canned food or spices presented in stores should be legible, clearly visible. Jar label printing design plays an important role, and we’ll explain why.



Stickers on jars perform the following functions:

  • Transmit information about content, composition, storage conditions, etc. ;
  • Make the productunique, make its appearance more attractive and memorable;
  • Custom jar labelshelp attract the consumer, promote the brand.

Paper and vinyl self-adhesive labels are very popular - Paper and vinyl self-adhesive labels  can be glued to any surfaces, including containers made of glass, plastic or other materials. This is a convenient, aesthetic way to label canned products. Any drawing can be applied to the custom sticker, depending on the project and product. Also, the size of the sticker can be adjusted to the size of the container.

Labels printing for jars, cans and bottles is used not only by companies, but also by individuals. This is due to the fact that many still do home preservation, which is then stored in cellars. In such situations, using labels will be a great idea to describe your products and make preservation easier.



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