Customer service principles

Customer service principles

Custom stickers make easy and our aims is to help custom sticker making easier. In order to give our customer a better shopping experience,we respond quickly and effectively to our customers to help them be as successful as possible.

we use principles to give our team a framework for replying to customers. They are:

  1. Understand your customers

What customers need is that you can really solve their problems in real life.the key point of being able to solve your customer’s real problems is to understand your customers and clarify their real needs.When providing services to customers, it is necessary to understand the real needs.

2,timely service

We respond customers quickly and effectively.You can call, email, or live chat us to speak with an actual person during every step of your order!

3,Avoid negatives

Avoid saying sorry, can’t, won’t, not able to, unfortunately and so on. People become adversarial when they read these words.

4,Be sincere

Evaluate the customer's potential and tailor your response accordingly.We care about all our customer and we would love to offer the best solution way for your needs.

To deliver outstanding service, we insist these principles and develop when its possible. Customer’s satisfaction comes first, middle and last for us.