9 Cool And Inspiring Birthday Gift Ideas

9 Cool And Inspiring Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday happens only once a year. It's always difficult to pick up a gift, even if you know this person well. In this article we have compiled a list of 9 wonderful gifts that can be given for a birthday. Get inspired by interesting ideas!

1.Custom stickers


Everyone has a photo album, everyone has received collectibles for gifts and as sweet as those can be, there’s nothing new about them. Create your own set of custom stickers with personalized labels ,custom stickers can be used for things at home, address stickers for mailing, or even a set of custom stickers with some personal pictures or those of a celebrity you like! Be creative and make an unforgettable gift using stickers that will stand out from the others.


2.Give a macrame frame with your photos


You can make such a gift yourself with a stick and ropes or order from the master. The frame will look stylish in any interior and evoke pleasant memories of your adventures! Decorate it with custom stickers and make the recipient truly happy and surprised!


3.Beauty box subscription

What to give a friend for his/her birthday if there are a few hours left before the holiday? Give a beauty box subscription. Imagine, thanks to your gift, every month for the duration of the subscription your friend will receive a beauty box with cosmetics. Put a beautiful custom sticker on it to remind them of you! Who said that the birthday should last only 24 hours?


4.Kimono as if from Japan


Classic handmade silk kimono is not so easy to find in stores. You can get a home analogue made of viscose or cotton. A kimono is an original gift that can make every evening magical for your friend. Remember to decorate your packaging with the help of custom stickers.


5.Set of succulents


Succulents will decorate the interior, and they do not need to be watered and fed often. You can leave for 1-2 weeks, and nothing will happen to them! Put a custom sticker on the pot so that the person taking care of them always remembers of you!


6.Cute cushions

If your friend loves everything cute and funny, then this birthday gift will cause unrestrained joy! Cute pillows in shapes will make for a nice house decoration. Along with custom stickers, of course, to add a you-touch to your gift.


7.A set of favorite things and treats


You can make a mix of your favorite goodies and pleasant things for their birthday. For example, a set of T-shirts with funny inscriptions, covers for passport and driver's license, thermos or steel mug with engraving, dilute the gift with nuts, sweets, protein bars. The set can be beautifully decorated with thematic custom stickers.



After the celebration, sometimes I want to continue! Everyone should have a small flask, which, if necessary, will warm up in the winter park and cheer up. Choose interesting prints for boys and girls, add custom stickers to add a unique fashionable look to your gift.


9.Engraved bracelet

Being sentimental is not a shame! Order a silver or jewelry steel bracelet with a commemorative inscription. Such a gift will remind you, even if you have gone to another city. Put a custom sticker on the packaging of the gift - it’ll be the nice final touch.


Make a birthday gift that you would like to receive! Do not forget about the beautiful design: bows, ribbons, lace, sequins, a variety of figures, cinnamon sticks, pine cones. Custom stickers can help you create an unforgettable birthday gift for your beloved ones!