8 Marketing Ideas that Will Ignite Your Creativity

8 Marketing Ideas that Will Ignite Your Creativity


Conducting a marketing campaign that will resonate with your target audience requires considerable effort and time. And at the same time, everyone has moments when the creative life runs out, and the project seems to be experiencing a stagnation. If you find yourself in such a situation, these 8 marketing ideas will help you find a way out and move on.


1.Custom business stickers

Custom business stickers can convey lots of important to your clients, starting custom with your logo, made them into stickers and ending with promotional deals or contact information. With a creative design, stickers will spread the word about your company, services or products in no time, custom stickers are also great at establishing a more fashionable image of your company. Cillit BANG is a household cleaner. To attract more customers, they put a transparent label sticker on a coin partially cleaned with the product. They later gave it to customers as change. The sticker campaign made a huge impression. The company achieved sales growth of 337% in the markets where the sticker campaign was conducted.


2.Distribute user content

According to one study, young people spend more than five hours a day watching content created by their peers. At the same time, susceptibility to advice in the decision-making process of buying from this audience is 20% stronger than that of other age groups. You can encourage young people to share personal stories like Nissan did, which has provided potential customers with tools for creating commercials. You can put the stories on custom stickers .Humorous videos, such as a series of videos about Doritos Roulette chips, work win-win.


3.Cooperate with opinion leaders

Another way to expand the audience and increase brand awareness is to work with the most influential people in your industry. Collaborate with professionals, designers and popular bloggers. Such content attracts new users.


4.Help customers

You do business to solve problems. Here are a few ways to help users:

creation of training content,

exclusive offers that make their lives easier,

maintaining feedback and answering questions,

creation of applications and tools.

We can go even further. Chevrolet launched a whole campaign, helping a local tug to save stuck drivers. After that, the drivers were able to test the car.


5.Involve customers in interaction

No matter what product or service you offer, its users want to interact with your company or other users. The first step you can do is custom some stickers.


6.Experiment with new promotion channels

Feel free to use new channels and platforms to promote your brand. Four Seasons hotel operator launched the Pin.Pack.Go program on Pinterest. This was the first example in the industry when visitors were able to track travel routes on Pinterest.


7.Learn from big companies

Apple deserves special mention, because this brand has created a whole generation of fans who will be loyal to it all their lives. How did the company achieve this? Do you remember the presentation of the first iPod? Then she demonstrated elements of a corporate strategy that is based on sympathy, concentration and tactility, placing silhouettes of people who enjoy iPods. Learning from big brands can help you see the good and bad practices and learn new marketing ways. They also use stickers to promote their business. Apple gives customers two apple-shaped stickers when they buy mobile phones. Clients can freely stick the stickers wherever they like, but this also can greatly promote the company in a subtle way. When you have a good product that you want to promote, try customizing different stickers.


8.Organize a partnership

Marketing partnership can have a number of advantages. First of all, by cooperating with someone, you get the best content. Secondly, such content is cheaper to create, the result of its use is visible faster. Finally, you present your brand to a new audience.


It takes time and effort to find a marketing campaign suitable for your business, and in practice it usually takes time to find the right one. Try starting simple, get company stickers today, and you’ll have a great start!