7 Successful Ways of Business Promotion on Social Media

7 Successful Ways of Business Promotion on Social Media

Nowadays, every companies and media will open official accounts on social networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The media use the official accounts to publish information, and enterprises use the official accounts for marketing and publicity. At the same time, the official accounts on these online social platforms It is also an important bridge for enterprises and media to communicate and interact with the public.

Why do so many companies choose to conduct corporate brand marketing in this way? How to better promote your company on social networking sites? Hope the following seven points can help you.


1.How to create a viral moment with the help of logo stickers.

Connect to your clients with custom company stickers. Custom company stickers make your brand more recognisable, but also give it a hip vibe, even the biggest brands in the game use  custom company stickers for promotions - make customer experience more stylish and trendy with exclusive custom stickers, they’ll surely share pictures of them online along with your hashtags and logo, bringing in more clients! Company stickers helps.


2.How to bring an audience from online to offline Attracting an audience of social networks to "physical" stores can be a challenge.

The strategy included two stages:

Firstly, you need to increase involvement and coverage among the account audience: for this purpose, you can announce the opening of new points, publish reviews of visitors to the shopping mall, hold contests and give out business stickers that will motivate people to visit the store and make publications with a thematic hashtag;

Secondly, you should attract the audience to special events. Most of them are thematic, focused on a particular segment of the audience.


3.How to find employees for business.

Social networks have also proved to be an effective HR tool. They work best for large businesses that are constantly looking for employees for linear positions: sellers, pickers, drivers, couriers, etc. Practice has shown that social networks bring more loyal applicants to business if you competently build a promotion funnel. They are already aware of the advantages and conditions of work in the company, so the conversion of the questionnaire into an employment contract is much higher.

In addition, targeting settings allow you to show ads to the audience by gender, age and so on. Other HR tools do not have such capabilities!


4.How to find customers for business using messenger marketing.


Messenger marketing is one of the most effective tools for business. Social networks and messengers perfectly complement each other: with the help of social networks you can select a relevant audience, and with the help of messengers - warm it up and sell it.


5.How to make content in complex niches.

Complex niches should be understood as business areas where it is problematic to create visual content. Projects that are forced to work with certain restrictions can also be called complex.

The product of an unknown brand is harder to promote. Nevertheless, it is possible to rock the audience with bright and memorable visuals.


6.How to sell premium services.


Selling premium services through social networks is quite a difficult task. The audience for them is practically not involved in communication with the brand, it is not interested in discounts and promotions. The convincing factor is only in the quality of service and the reputation of the performer.

Image promotion is suitable for the sale of premium services. It is important to make high-quality professional photo content.

The content plan includes reputational and selling publications with a simple and understandable offer.


7.How to sell goods for mass audience.

A completely different approach works in niches that are aimed at a mass audience. Here, on the contrary, people willingly get involved, create UGC content, participate in activities and strive to buy with discounts.

The main points are:

  • to give users maximum information about products: high- quality photos from different angles and in a real environment, sizes, materials, colors, nuances of configuration;
  • to make a lot of selling content: product reviews, collections, examples of interiors, etc. - in this niche selling content works;
  • work on reputation: reviews, photo and video content from production, useful content, etc.;
  • process applications: buyers always have a lot of questions about furniture, and they need to be answered quickly and fully.

Surely, doing a business promotion might seems complicated at first, especially in social media. But with the right tools, such as hashtags and stickers that will make your brand “cool” and easily recognizable, you can achieve great results.


Although there are many benefits for marketing and publicity through online social networking platforms, companies should also understand that marketing and publicity relying on online social networking platforms is definitely not enough, and can only be used as one of many publicity methods. It is a combination of multiple propaganda methods that complement each other. Media invitations still exist in every aspect of corporate promotion.Maybe designing a sticker will help you~