6 Children's Theme Party Ideas With Custom Stickers

6 Children's Theme Party Ideas With Custom Stickers

Delicate and touching, mobile and sporty, for girls and boys - we have collected some of the best ideas on how to organize a party for children from 2 to 16 years old. To add a creative touch to your party, order some custom party stickers that will bring a smile on everyone’s face on this special day!


1. Flower party

If you are thinking in what style you can throw a party for a girl, it's a great idea to organize a gentle flower holiday.

Pay special attention to the design of the premises - it is better to invite a professional florist to such an event. Decorate the site with flowers and prepare some custom stickers with flowers to create the atmosphere of a spring garden right within the walls of the loft.

The birthday girl can dress up in a lush dress or a bright skirt, the cutlery can be nicely decorated with custom stickers for the party, live flowers will become a beautiful accessory. Guests can get bracelets with silk roses and some custom stickers with the most beautiful flowers.

Decorate the table or candy bar with vases with rose petals. Treats are better made light and colorful, offer guests desserts with glaze flowers, fruits, berries, fresh juices and smoothies.


2. Cute monsters party

Funny and clumsy monsters appeal to children and adults - use this idea to have a fun party. Invite the birthday boy/girl and guests to choose the images of different monsters - Dracula, Frankenstein, Egyptian Mummy, Skeleton, etc, prepare custom stickers for each character and decorate your house with custom stickers for the occasion.

For one evening, turn the loft into a Transylvania Hotel: black and purple colors and silver details - stars, candlesticks and custom stickers. You will also need figures of skeletons and spiders, black balloons and an artificial web.


3. Sea party

At any time of the year there is a way to give your child a summer mood - for this you can throw a sea party! To decorate the loft, use not only all shades of blue, but also red, white colors. Don’t forget to print out custom stickers to create the atmosphere of a true vacation. The room can be decorated with ropes and fishing nets, figures of ships and lighthouses, steering wheels and anchors. Inflatable flamingos, a donut-shaped swimming circle and custom stickers will become cool elements of the photo zone.

Dress up the birthday boy/girl in the captain's cap, give the guests vests. To entertain the kids, give them a master class on sand drawing. From mobile contests, treasure hunting and tug of war will fit perfectly into the theme. Custom stickers would serve for perfect prizes!


4. Mutant Ninja Turtles party

The boys are sure to be delighted to participate in such a party!

Before organizing a holiday, it is important for parents to watch a couple of episodes so as not to confuse Turtles and their features.

Ask the birthday boy's friends to come in brown or beige pants and green T-shirts. Prepare red, purple, orange and blue bandages for guests, as well as toy swords, nun-chucks, tridents and bo poles (sets are sold in toy stores).

Turn the loft into a turtle refuge with paper garlands, thematic posters, custom stickers and dolls of heroes.

The main treat of the evening is pizza! Turtles love pizza with anchovies, but it is better not to take risks and order different fillings so that everyone can find food to their liking.

Entertainment for kids should be as active as possible - organize a quest to "save the city", battle on artificial swords, competitions for accuracy, agility and speed.


5. Disney-style party


If your child loves Disney cartoons, he/she will surely like the idea of organizing a Disney loft party. The theme of the holiday is suitable not only for girls, but also for boys - offer guests to come up with a cool image in advance. Girls can become Belle or Aurora for the evening, and guys can become Mickey Mouse, Olaf from Frozen or Nick the fox from Zootopia. 

To decorate the room, you can print custom stickers from Disney cartoons, garlands with flags depicting heroes. The photo zone can be decorated with soft toys of the characters, children will definitely be enthusiastically photographed with them. Put caramel apples from Snow White, edible roses from Belle and eastern baklava from Jasmine on the table.

Prepare some custom stickers to give away to guests, they’ll remember your event for a long time!


6. Pink-style party


A pink party is a cool idea to have a good party without serious costs. The dress code is extremely simple - invite friends dressed in all shades of pink and white. Yes, yes, and boys too!

The choice of decorations for decor is huge: you can easily find pink garlands, lush tablecloths and disposable dishes. To prevent the design from being monochrome, we advise you to dilute it with silver details (candlesticks, trays, balls) - you will get a really cool combination!

Prepare and hand out pink-themed stickers, these also can be used as tokens/prizes in various games, and can help you decorate the house too.


Coming up with a party idea is never easy. Choose the theme you like and have the coolest and funniest parties with custom stickers! Kids love them, parents would admire your creativity and everyone will remember your event for days, mont hs, or even longer!