5 Theme Party Ideas

5 Theme Party Ideas
A theme party is a way to create another reality for yourself and your friends, move to any country and any era, to visit some of your favorite characters!

We have prepared 5 bright and original ideas on what parties can be arranged in your house or apartment, and tell you how to easily hold cool parties for adults and children.


1.Sticker party


Custom stickers can be used for many purposes at any party, but what about a party themed around stickers? Do you remember collecting these as a child? How to take it to a whole new level and get each of your friends to use custom stickers (personal memories, funny pictures, favorite cartoon characters, anything you can imagine you can put on stickers) and celebrate your friendship or hobbies during the party.

You can prepare creative competition on making posters/pictures/collages with custom stickers or you can create a sticker mural for the graduation ceremony/engagement party/birthday/new year). Everyone is guaranteed to have fun!


2.Gothic-style party

A Gothic party is an option to easily throw a cool party. The dress code for guests is extremely simple - black color, leather, chains, massive shoes. Girls can paint their lips with purple or scarlet lipstick, let their eyes down with a black pencil or do vamp makeup.

The room is better darkened - you can use tight curtains for your party. Place candles throughout the room, decorate the location with skulls, cobwebs, black and red helium balls. You can add dry ice to the interior, which will create a mysterious "fog". It's cool if there is a smoke machine on the site you choose.

To entertain guests, organize fortune-telling on Tarot cards or a mystical quest.


3.Party in the style of "Agent 007"

Do you think how to organize a party full of secrets and mysteries? Arrange a spy holiday in the style of James Bond! Organize an interesting detective quest - you can order it from professionals or prepare it yourself. Let the dress code be official: business suits for men and black elegant dresses for girls. All guests can be given hats and sunglasses, as well as toy guns.

A treat at a spy party can be anything, the main thing is to stylishly decorate the table. Champagne pyramids, chocolate fountain, custom stickers - all this will make the holiday elegant and memorable.


4.Party in the style of "Around the World"

This idea is perfect for a surprise party for the birthday of a true traveler. Guests will be able to visit different parts of the world and learn the traditions of different countries without leaving the 4 walls. Choose 3-5 countries that the birthday person likes and organize several thematic zones. Let everyone reflect the culture and traditions of the chosen people, their music, history, clothes and hobbies. You can arrange a quiz during which guests will learn interesting facts about the life of other countries, and also come up with tasks in the format of fantasies, for example, to dance Argentinian tango or play the African drum. Custom stickers can be given out as prizes for this activity.


5.Brazilian carnival-style party


How to organize a themed party so that it is definitely remembered by guests? It's a cool idea to arrange a real Brazilian carnival right in the house! It is better to warn guests about the topic in advance so that they have time to prepare bright costumes. Girls can come to the party in colorful swimsuits decorated with feathers, rhinestones and sequins. A suitable suit for guys is swimming shorts, Hawaiian shirt and sandals.

Pay special attention to music and decorations - don’t forget to get some custom stickers as memorable souvenirs your guests will take home.


Use your imagination! Organizing a party can at first give us all a bit of a headache, but with the right idea and determination, you’ll surely be able to bring a top-class entertainment to all of your friends! Order some custom stickers today to bring your event to the next level!