5 Small Ways to Make Your Product Recognizable

5 Small Ways to Make Your Product Recognizable

Every company has its own products and services, and they all want to promote them in the eyes of consumers; with all the competition, do you sometimes feel powerless in the process of promotion? The following methods can greatly improve the recognition of your product, so that customers will be excited at first sight, and they will be happy to buy it from you.


1.Customize different stickers

First of all, packaging is actually the fundamental standard of recognition, and packaging is inseparable from stickers. Customizing different stickers can make buyers' eyes shine, and they can better remember the product through stickers, which can help improve the recognition of the product. At the same time, you can also place the company-related logo stickers on the product. Such stickers can be waterproof stickers or translucent stickers. Different stickers can be customized according to different products. Taking some time to research and customize your stickers can be easy, yet can also make users like your products more.


2.Focus on peopleinstead of products

When facing customers, many businesses describe how excellent their products are, how good the materials are, and how exquisite the craftsmanship is... In fact, today, with the abundance of products, homogenization has become very serious. What your products have, your competitors have as well, if not better.

The product itself is a good thing, but you should change your strategy and focus on the customer, paint their portrait, think what age stage they are, and where is their thinking focused. The thinking of youngsters is often different from older generation, and their demand for products will be very different. Same goes for gender, different cultural and religious background, sexual orientation, income, etc.


3.The pain points and ideals of customers

Customers in many cases don't care about how the product itself is, but about what results the product can bring.

For example, for a weight loss product, will customers be interested in studying its ingredients with you in detail? Probably not, and instead, they’d want results. The pain point of customers is that their body makes them dissatisfied with themselves or unable to wear the clothes they like and so on. The customer's ideal is to have a well-proportioned figure one day after using your product, to appear in front of everyone confidently, and to get rid of all kinds of troubles in the past.  Therefore, it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine in the process of promoting the product.


4.The improvement of the level of demand

Do you buy a Rolex watch to tell the time? Do you buy a million-dollar luxury car for transportation? Obviously not, but in order to enhance the force and enhance the social value, it is the perfect package to attract matching resources and contacts. Therefore, luxury goods have their own unique LOGO. If this LOGO is removed, it may be worthless in front of those who like it.


5.Exposure rate of the product

People will not buy products they have never heard of, so we see all online and offline advertisements bombarding wildly, the purpose is to occupy people's minds with exposure, and then influence purchasing decisions. With the development of the times, the carrier of product advertisements has also undergone tremendous changes. In the past, people received advertisements from newspapers, magazines and TV broadcasts, but now they receive advertisements from the Internet and live streams, but the essence is still the same, it’s all for the publicity of the product.


As you can see, no matter how good the product, people won’t buy it until and unless they recognize and trust it. Don’t forget to follow these simple steps, and remember that even a simple sticker can spread the word about your product and bring in more and more customers. Good luck!