5 Beer Business Ideas

5 Beer Business Ideas

Beer is a smart drink: it suggests business ideas, inspires discoveries, experiments and inventions. Don't you believe it? Then read about mustard beer, bottle clothes, sneakers for beer running clubs and candies with beer filling!   


1.Beer label stickers

No matter if it’s a big company or a small home brew, a brand needs to have a label, beer labels are easy to design nowadays, deersticker produces highest quality scratch-resistant and fade-resistant stickers that are easy to apply and stickers will give your beer a more professional “cool” look. Custom beer stickers will impress your clients and custom beer stickers will make your brewery take over the clients’ hearts!


2.Beer cans skateboards

Aluminum beer can turned out to be an excellent material for the production of skateboards and long boards. Of course, the appearance of modern unicycles and gyro scooters gives skeptics to doubt the success of the idea with "vintage" vehicles. However, sales statistics indicate that the classics do not go out of fashion. In addition, the Beer can Board is an improved classic: thanks to aluminum, the boards acquire light strength and maneuverability necessary to develop speed, free sliding, perform steep turns and tricks. And the boards have special holes for easy carrying. Get yours and decorate it with a custom sticker to impress all friends!


3.Mustard beer

Mustard on beer has long been included in the culinary classics. Why not create beer with the addition of sharp-stuff, fragrant seasoning? This question was asked by the Americans - Oscar Blues Brewery and the French's spice brand. The result of their collaboration was French's Mustard Beer - a thick wheat ale with the addition of French mustard, filled with fresh notes of lime, lemon, tangerine and passion fruit. It’s worth trying something new! Be creative and create a unique taste for your beer, market it with smartly designed beer labels and enjoy the business!


4.Clothes for beerbottles

Companies have been producing beer clothing for years. The beer outfit not only protected the hands of drinkers from condensation "sweating" containers in the heat, but also "hid" alcohol from the law prohibiting enjoying a drunken drink "in the open".


5.Candies with beer filling

And for sweets - chocolate and beer candies are no news on the market, even though for some they’d still sound exotic.


Beer has been a source of inspiration for people for many centuries, it’s not only a delicious beverage, but a reason to socialize, to experiment, to create, and enjoy life a little more! Get creative with your beer brand, and the customers’ love will be yours! Start with ordering beer label stickers today!