4 Tips to Design Packaging that Will Make Your Product Sell Better

4 Tips to Design Packaging that Will Make Your Product Sell Better

When consumers buy a certain product, in addition to considering the price and the brand, the product’s packaging design can sometimes play a decisive role.

When visiting relatives and friends to give gifts during festivals, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the most important thing that affects the sales of turkeys and various gifts is their packaging design. People sometimes don't pay attention to the quality of the product, but pay more attention to how good-looking it is and the gift box. So, how to package your products to make your sales more?


1.Custom label

Consumers first impression of your product will be in what meets the eye, so your packaging needs to have something that catches the eye, such as a cute custom label sticker, or a sticker with a brand logo, and something related to the brand. Custom label can be made of different materials, you can purchase waterproof stickers, transparent stickers, vinyl stickers and some original stickers, these different stickers can attract customers very well, and customers will also judge the quality of the product will by the quality of the custom labels .


2.The color of the packaging

No matter how creative your packaging is, people will see various colors in addition to stickers at first sight. Behind the idea of packaging is the mobilization of consumers’ emotions. The colors used in packaging design will arouse people's associations and identification. The category of products determines that they have a specific color series. For example, food categories are mostly warm colors, and electronic technology categories are mostly cool colors... The color gives people a feeling of lightness and weight, and the high-quality packaging will give people a sense of comfort and desire to purchase the product.



3.The shape of the packaging

Around Valentine's Day, supermarkets will display "heart"-shaped chocolate packaging; children's snack shelves will have many "cars" and "dolls" packaging, and on Halloween, there will be many scary decorations on the supermarket shelves. This is called flexible use of packaging modeling.

Designers can flexibly change the shape and design of the product, but they cannot be too maverick, separate the shape from the product itself.


4.The theme of the packaging

Defining a clear and intuitive theme for the packaging can often directly establish the channel between the brand and the content and emotion. One of the reasons why many brands are keen on co-branding is to establish an emotional connection with consumers. The most intuitive themes conveyed to consumers are "We pay tribute to the ...!", "We are friends of the ...".  The theme is not limited to the joint name between brands, but also the celebration of festivals, the brand anniversary, etc., just like the Christmas cup of Starbucks.


Therefore, the packaging design better be high-end and high-grade. If the packaging design of the product is loved or even remembered by consumers, it must reflect the distinctive personality characteristics of the product, come with concise and clear text, pictures and images, and closely follow modern consumer fashion. At the same time, you might not need to spend a huge budget on it, a custom sticker might be a perfect idea to reflect your creativity and care for your customers.