19 Simple Marketing Ideas

19 Simple Marketing Ideas

Quite often, businessmen of medium and small businesses wonder: “How to move your business further?”,  “What marketing moves to use?”, “What can they give to promote a business if they are used?” There may be a lot of questions, but it’s important to remember that there is not a very large number of marketing moves that allow you to make your business more attractive and recognizable in the eyes of other people. Most of these moves have been around for quite some time and some are pretty simple.

So, How to move your business further?Hopefully the following steps will help you.


1.Business stickers


Custom your own company stickers and spreading them around will help raise awareness of your brand regardless of how big it is. Creation of business custom stickers has proven to be helpful to both big and small businesses, it can help you establish a stronger connection with the loyal customers and attract multiple new clients. Custom stickers are a multipurpose tool, you can give stickers out with orders/products, use custom stickers for promotional deals or to spread a hashtag. Just be creative!


2.Company logo

Creation of a logo with the name of the company and its placement on the banner, with contact information, in the most prominent place of your building. A good marketing move that allows you to conduct a fairly wide advertising campaign based on the repetitive effect of reading your banner, with contact information, as well as remembering and identifying your logo with your company. Logos can also be printed on small stickers that you can spread in the neighbourhood, it’s a cost-effective way of making people remember your brand.


3.Understand other companies

 Try to understand why other companies achieve success in marketing. This move is based on the study of other people's experience. Using someone else's experience or improving it, you can lure customers from your competitors.


4.Customer surveys

Survey of customers, especially former ones, about what does not suit them in the work of your company. This will make it possible to make changes that will not scare away in the future, but on the contrary will attract new customers to your company.


5.Subscribe to news related to your business


This makes it possible to be always up to date with all the news in your business and respond to them in time.


6.Training of employees and colleagues

 This method gives you great advantages in promoting your business. For where competent staff is there is success.


7.Marketing brainstorming

From time to time, conduct marketing "brainstorming" with specialists in this field. Sometimes it is possible to find more or less good marketing moves.


8.Constantly learn about new marketing moves

You will always be aware of all the latest ideas and trends and will be able to put them into practice in time.

9.Give handouts to customers


Be sure to give your customers or partners posters, stickers, pens and so on, with your contact information and logo depicted on the gifts. After all, that’s where the path to a client’s heart lies. A small logo sticker might seem like a small thing but can show your care and attention, and make the customers come back to you soon.


10.Value holidays

Do not forget to arrange holidays on any even the most insignificant occasion. This shows you as a generous person, which makes it pleasant for employees to work with you.


11.Participate in charity is possible

This has a positive effect on the image of your company.


12.Advertise on TV

Teleadvertising is a very strong marketing move. Everyone will know about you.


13.Stay reachable


Availability of fax and instant e-mail is important. Instant communication and response to requests from your client and business are essential in running a company.


14.Strenghten your employees dedication

Strengthening your brand with personalised items, such as uniforms or company stickers that employees can put on their badges/water bottles/hats, etc. This helps create a stronger dedication to the brand among employees.


15. Educate

Conducting various seminars for both clients and partners. To create a strong sense of teamwork and get acquainted with the novelties that have appeared in your business.


16.Stay online

Creation of an Internet site. This helps increase the number of customers and helps you make a name for yourself.


17.Work harder

If the demand for your service or product increases, increase the working hours to cope with this excitement.


18.Advertise in the right time

Strengthen advertising campaigns during peak seasons for your business.


19.Business cards

The simplest thing every businessman knows, that some still consider a luxury. Although in fact this is quite a useful marketing move, based on the fact that people do not remember visual information for a long time, but they remember business cards for quite a long time, which can serve you a good service. Otherwise, be creative, put your contact information such as email or phone number on a sticker that’s easy to spread!


As you can see, doing business might seem complicated, but with the right approach, there are simple ways for you to help your company grow. See what suits best for you, and remember, it always starts with the first step! How about ordering some company stickers and see where it takes you?