15 Best Ideas for A House Party

15 Best Ideas for A House Party

Everyone loves a good party! This is a great way to spend time with your friends, have fun and relax after a busy working day/week. Theme parties are especially popular today, and people are getting more and more creative with them. You can learn about some of the best ideas for a house party right here.


1.Sticker party

Custom stickers can have multiple usages for any party, but how about throwing a party that’ll be all about stickers? Do you remember collecting those stickers as a kid? How about bringing stickers to a whole new scale, make each of your friends bring custom stickers (that can be based on local memes, funny pictures, favorite comic book characters, anything you can imagine), and exchange stickers during the party.You also can make stickers waterproof or clear.

You can hold a competition for the most creative custom sticker, or create something collectively, like a memory wall for graduation/birthday/new year/engagement ceremony with your custom stickers. Everyone is guaranteed to have fun!


2.Movie screening party

A mandatory attribute to this party is a projector. It can be rented. Turn on the projector to show guests movies on the wall. This will undoubtedly leave one of the brightest impressions on them.

Don't forget to take care of snacks - watching movies will become much more interesting with them. To make guests even more happy, organize a hookah, before that do not forget to buy all the necessary accessories.


3.Silent Party


Such a party is a quiet disco. Synchronized broadcast of musical compositions on headphones, which guests can wear whenever they want. The organizer can adjust the volume level so that people feel comfortable listening to music. Another advantage of such a party is the absence of claims from neighbors. Music plays with headphones, which means that no one will be disturbed.



The essence of this party is to imitate a murder. Each invitee is present a card with a custom sticker describing his/her role. Guests come and start playing their roles. The detective must investigate the committed "crime" trying to find the "killer." The role custom stickers are only revealed at the end.

There are sites on the Internet where you can get acquainted with the story lines for such a party. Such Internet resources should help those who cannot come up with a mysterious and interesting story for such a party.


5.Board games

Almost everyone will like such entertainment. There are strategic, logical, associative board games. Even the most common monopoly and twister can bring a lot of positive impressions. You can also play gambling at a party. The best option is various games with cards.




The dress code is as simple as possible - dark colors, leather, large shoes. Girls can use purple, bright red lipstick, dark eyeliner. The place where the party is held should be darkened. Install candles throughout the house, decorate it with skulls, spider webs, black and scarlet balls. You can use dry ice to create a mysterious atmosphere in the room.

The table can be decorated with dark satin textiles, crystal wine glasses, elegant dishes, custom goths stickers, black ribbons and scarlet roses. Serve guests marmalade in the form of eyeballs, viper, toads, as well as "bloody" pastries with raspberry jam. To entertain your friends, guess on tarot cards or organize a quest related to mysticism.


7.Secret agent

Organize a spy party in the style of agent 007. Think over an exciting quest related to the investigation of a "crime." Fantasize - for example, you can "kidnap" one of the guests so that others can search for him/her. Don't forget to place hints or custom stickers around the house to make it easier for friends to find the kidnapped. Dress code - black suits for guys and dark evening dresses for women. You can use hats, sunglasses, water guns. You can use almost anything as a treat.


8.A trip around the world

Such a themed party at home is a good option if you plan to celebrate birthday of a travel lover. Friends will have the opportunity to visit different countries of the world, learn the customs of different peoples without leaving home. Choose 3-5 countries that the culprit of the celebration loves and create several thematic zones with the help of special decorations and custom stickers. Each of them should reflect the culture and customs of a certain people, its music, outfits. You can organize a quiz where invited people can get acquainted with interesting facts from the life of different peoples and get custom stickers in reward for correct answers. You can also captivate guests with some quests where they will need to dance Argentine tango or play the African drum.



Visit the animal shelter and find out if you will be able to organize a party dedicated to cats. Inform the shelter staff that you want to look for new homes for our smaller friends by organizing a real cat party. Call all your friends who are not allergic to cats and find out if they want to take any cats to their home. So you will not only have a great rest, but also do a good deed.

Prepare a snack not only for guests, but also for pets. Put custom stickers with cats in need of home around the house. Find out in advance from the shelter staff what the cats you take eat - dry food or simple food from the table. Perhaps there will be a place in the house to shelter one of the little predators forever.


10.Blind party

This is an unusual idea for a party, but it is likely to appeal to all guests. The essence is quite simple - every person entering the house must first wear a blindfold. Such a party resembles a masquerade, but instead of wearing masks, guests just blindfold. Due to the fact that vision becomes "inaccessible", people's other feelings worsen. This creates an atmosphere of surrealism, allows guests to get a unique experience.

Don't forget to turn on your camera or video camera. It's very funny to watch the footage after such a party, laugh at the unusual actions of the guests.


11.Beer party


Such a party will appeal to those who like a foam drink. In no case invite convinced sober people to a beer party. Of course, you can't do without beer at such a party. Buy as many varieties of this drink as possible, personalize it with custom beer label stickers! A good option is to offer your friends homemade beer, beer label stickers will help your home brew look professional and impress every guest. Take care of snacks - it is better to drink a foam drink together with chips, smoked fish, other delicious food.


12.Night in Monte Carlo

Such a party will appeal to people who love the theme of excitement. Men need to wear business suits, girls need elegant evening dresses. Make tables with roulette, Texas Hold them, blackjack, baccarat - the more games there are at the holiday, the more interesting it will be to spend time. You can use custom stickers as tokens, it will make the party even more fun, guests will be able to take them home afterwards.

Choose the right music. See what musical compositions often sound in gambling houses and use them to create an authentic setting. An integral attribute of the night in Monte Carlo is champagne. Add a designer touch to your champagne bottles with personalized wine label stickers. You can make a whole pyramid from glasses filled with this drink - it will serve as an excellent interior decoration.


13.The Olympic Games


Choose a day with good weather and arrange a meeting with friends in the open area or in the park. Divide the guests into 2 teams and start competing.

Relay races, tug of war, Frisbee are the best options so that invited people can test their strength and have a great time. Cold beer and sh-ish kebab will help you relax after sports and have a pleasant conversation. Don't forget to prepare custom stickers for each team member and beer label stickers for your drinks.


14.Split sound

At any party, people are divided into 2 categories: those who want to communicate and those who like to dance. Satisfy the wishes of all guests - divide the room into 2 zones. One of them will be quiet, designed for communication. The second zone should be intended for dancing.

This format makes the party as comfortable as possible for all guests. Thus, the guest can move from one zone to another at any time.


15.The sea

Such a party is great for creating a summer mood. Decorate the room in blue, red, white colors. Use fishing nets, figures of sailboats, lighthouses and custom stickers to decorate the house. You can place an inflatable circle on the wall, and on the table - jars of glass filled with sand and shells.

The party organizer should dress up in the uniform of the captain of the ship. Invited guests can act as a ship's crew - give your friends vests to create a proper atmosphere. As for the menu, it must necessarily include seafood.

A thematic party is much more interesting than an ordinary party. After working days, anyone wants to feel like a secret agent, navigator, pirate or other character who is difficult to meet in everyday life. Thematic parties give people such an opportunity, so you can be sure that this will remain in the memory of invited friends for a long time. Most importantly, with the help of a few decorations and custom stickers, you’ll be able to prepare your event easily and make sure everyone has the most fun at it!