13 Excellent Marketing Ideas For Your Stickers

13 Excellent Marketing Ideas For Your Stickers

Brand awareness is the starting point of any entrepreneur: if you are not known, no one will feel the need to use your services or buy your products. Spreading your advertising message may still seem intimidating to you, especially financially. In this article, we will show you 13 ideas of how to increase your notoriety without having to spend a fortune.


You certainly know Reddit: founded in 2005, this news site now receives about 542 million visits per month and is valued at $1.8 billion. But how much have the founders spent on marketing during all these years to achieve this? The answer is simple: $500 in stickers, nothing more.


1. Distribution of stickers


When you have a small budget, custom stickers are the best support that allows you to work and increase your notoriety. One of the founders of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, calls the $500 he spent on stickers the best investment he has ever made. He travelled a lot by bus, and wherever he went, he stuck his Reddit custom stickers. Accompanied by the message: "I read it on reddit!", the Reddit logo quickly spread throughout the country.


2. Stick your stickers in surprising places

If you encounter something in a place where you do not expect it, it strikes you and you will not immediately forget this event. One IT company understood this very well. Their tactic was to stick small custom stickers under the computer mice, to cover the laser sensor. The result? Users notice that their mouse doesn’t work, then check the mouse and see the advertising message directly. Smart!


3. Confront with a sticker


The harsh reality of the homeless: their meals sometimes depend on what they can find in the trash. And this non-profit campaign in favor of the homeless confronted passers-by with the nutritional value of the contents of a garbage can, by sticking a large custom sticker on it.


4. Use the soil

Nowadays, smartphones work like sponges: they suck our attention like nothing else. More and more people are leaning forward to look at their screen. And so in general, the floor is now more seen and noticed than the walls. So why not use the land for promotional purposes?

The airline HLX.com did it with large floor custom stickers. As soon as you sit in their waiting room, you will notice that a pair of skis will be attached to your boots, accompanying the following advertising message: "Flights to Austria from 19.99€".


5. Conquer the street

Running water, a commodity more rare than you think, and which must be used economically. Not using water carelessly and in abundance is the message these activists want to convey with this action. Large custom stickers appeared on a multitude of sewer covers to reach all passers-by in the blink of an eye.


6. Stay connected with your clients


To stay in the spotlight, you can distribute beautiful little custom stickers for each of your events, products, advertising message, statement, and more. You will then turn your customers into real fans. Many programmers, gamers and designers stick a large number of custom stickers on their computers!


7. Interaction with a brand


Interacting in person with a brand is an experience that is not quickly forgotten. One beer brand found something rather funny and very photogenic. They used beer glass custom stickers specially designed for glazing, and glued them behind the door handles of some establishments. The result: every time you want to open the door, it looks like you already have your beer in your hands. Cheers!


8. Stickers made to be worn

A famous sports company once started a campaign in which the goal was to stick their custom label sticker to the sole of your shoe, and the more sports you play, the more worn this sticker will be. Excellent strategy!


9. Stickers that integrate

You are bombarded with images every day. Many are superfluous, but some are still useful. Such as traffic lights or road signs for example. Since these images (rightly) attract a lot of attention from road users, one shoe store in Belgium had the idea of providing sneakers to the characters in the city's traffic signs. This idea of using custom stickers helped them attract numerous new customers.


10. A sticker that only your target group can see

Ad creators do not need to tell you where your target group is. For example, if you want to reach truck drivers with your advertising message, you know that you have to go up, as the view of this target group is largely dominated by car roofs. The advertising agency, which had to create an advertising campaign for Mercedes' latest truck, therefore designed a campaign in which custom stickers were glued to the roofs of the cars. These custom stickers gave the impression that truck drivers could take a look into the passing car, and see an admiring driver... but this was only visible if they drove the new Mercedes truck.


12.Paste your advertising message

Custom stickers are a creative support to use, simple to apply and very affordable. With just a small investment in stickers, you can start a real empire online, sell services/products with surprising custom stickers, or broadcast your next event throughout the city. With custom stickers, you can paste your advertising message in a thousand and one ways!