11 Ways To Design a Logo.

11 Ways To Design a Logo.

A logo is the starting point for people to know a brand. A good logo should not only accurately convey the characteristics of the company in a limited space, but also leave a deep memory in the minds of consumers. There are many ways to design logos. We have summarized some commonly used methods and share them with you, hoping to help you and your brand.


1.A figurative approach


When choosing a theme for a figurative logo, it is necessary to use the elements that people are generally familiar with. The familiar elements can resonate with the customers and leave a deeper impression. This kind of figurative technique tests the designer's hand-painting ability, and designers with art foundation can better express this type of logo. You can also find a company to print the designed logo, such as deersticker, customize different logo stickers, put the customized logo stickers on products and other places, and let customers know your company more intuitively through customized logo stickers, you can also promote your brand through custom logo stickers.


2.The initial letter method

This is one of the most commonly used logo creating methods. No matter what the text is, you can take its initials for processing and creation. The expression method is very simple but very special, and has a strong visual expression. It seems to be simple and fashionable, but it can fully convey the information behind its brand, and convey the content that the company wants to express to consumers through high-end visual expression. At the same time, it is more convenient to customize such a logo sticker and paste it in different places to spread the word about the company.



Generally, things, graphics, elements or colors that are related to the expression content are used for creativity, and abstract connotations are expressed in the form of metaphors. The most common ones are pigeons representing peace, green representing health, etc. Before designing this type of logo, it is necessary to understand and classify the meaning behind the brand, and then summarize, and extract the symbolic elements representative for logo design. Custom business stickers help many companies get more recognizable by potential clients and experience a faster growth.


4.The abstract expression method

This type of logo is usually used in corporate brands that do not have obvious characteristic elements or symbolic things. It is also possible that some companies usually use this method when they require the logo to be used to express the spirit of the company. It is only suitable for diversified companies. For example, if the business direction of the company is relatively wide, not only limited to a certain category, you can use this method. This type of logo conveys emotions and tone, not actual information. That is because the logo sometimes does not necessarily directly reflect the business scope of the company. Numerous companies also turn their logos into stickers for better publicity.


5.Full name combination method

This is one of the very common methods. The brand name is directly used to design a corporate logo. Especially in recent years, such logos have become more and more popular. Such a post-production can directly strengthen consumers' awareness of the brand, and such a logo design is generally not troublesome in registration, because there will be few repetitions. Such brands can be better promoted with logo stickers, and consumers can also use stickers to remember such brands.


6.Business content captures the image


This is a very direct method. The elements are directly obtained from the brand management content. The performance of the logo can be directly related to the theme and the image can be very vivid. This type of logo is generally suitable for special business brands, and the selection of elements is very convenient. The difficulty lies in the way of expression and techniques that test the designer's skills. Such logo stickers are more intuitive, and would help the general public remember the brand easier with the help of custom stickers that are very easy to print.


7.Regional culture captures creative image

This kind of logo has obvious regional characteristics and cultural characteristics. Generally, it evolves from folk culture and local scenery, characters, and representative things. It can create a logo that is full of personality and humanistic thinking, and can improve the brand tonality. But this kind of logo design is difficult, because first of all, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of local culture and characteristics, and secondly, to express art requires designers to have a strong artistic taste and expressive ability. However, if this type of logo is suitable for your brand, it would be a great idea to order custom logo stickers to spread around and make people know you - it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your company.


8.Geometric techniques


According to the principle of graphic design form composition, the expression form of logo design is made out of geometric figures. This kind of method has a wide range of applications, and because of its simple shape, it has a good long-distance recognition. Such logos can also be customized into different stickers for different purposes, and consumers can also feel the charm behind the brand from the customized stickers.


9.Positive and Negative Space Techniques

This is a very common design technique in logo design. It will make the overall sense of the work appear ingenious and witty, but it will test the designer's sense of space and expressive ability. Print your logo on custom stickers and achieve new heights with your business!


10.Badge design method

This type of logo has multiple applications, and is formed by combining symbolic graphics and name fonts. This type of design feels tough and powerful, and is more suitable for male brands. With the help of custom logo stickers you can reach your clients easier.


11.3D method

The three-dimensional design method is a way of expressing the effect of space in one plane. According to different expression methods and different focus points, the logo presents a sense of space from different angles. This type of logo is especially good to be turned into a sticker, your customers will be sure to like it and wear it around being the live ambassadors of your brand.



In general, LOGO is not created out of thin air, but obtained by designers through creativity. A seemingly simple logo contains a lot of meanings. For a company or product, a good logo represents strength and future. A suitable logo is very important for a business or product. Create your logo and get custom logo stickers today to make your brand flourish!