10 Ideas for A Cool Party

10 Ideas for A Cool Party

Probably everyone likes to have fun at parties. But most of us are tired of an ordinary disco and want something new, something interesting and unusual. Of course, first of all you will ask your friend for help, and then you will wander around the nooks and crannies of the Internet. Admit it, it's still a long way to search, so let me help you a little.


1.Memory wall sticker party


Creativity is the key to a good party, an original idea will make people remember it for longer. Prepare custom stickers (that can be based on local memes, your favorite pictures and memories, significant moments together, quotes, etc.), and create a wall of memories with the help of those stickers. Custom waterproof stickers are very easy to order and fast to be delivered, Waterproof stickers will bring all of your memories together and remind you and your close ones of why you and they are important. A custom sticker memory wall party is perfect for graduation/birthday/new year/engagement ceremony. Everyone will remember it. And everyone would love to have custom stickers.



The main thing here is to clearly adhere to the chosen style. You'll have to work hard on this idea. First of all, you will need to choose the theme of the masquerade, decide on the list of guests, make beautiful invitations, prepare custom stickers, choose music, decor elements and style of serving treats in the theme.


3.Dating party

A very interesting idea for very sociable girls and boys. The purpose of such a party is to introduce all your friends to each other. Here you will need to think about only one thing: interesting games, contests customs stickers and classes that can captivate everyone and create a relaxed atmosphere.


4.Fortune-telling party


The purpose of the party is to create a unique magical atmosphere. It is best to hold the party at home: light a lot of candles (make sure you prepare custom candle label stickers to match the atmosphere of the party), close the curtains, prepare different types of fortune-telling and everything you need to hold them. You can buy a mysterious magic ball that will give some extra charm to your party. Think about it and the menu. Maybe it will be "mysterious" drinks with sandwiches, or maybe it will be just a buffet. And then... You can just have a wonderful evening fortune-telling, or you can appear before your guests as a gypsy fortune-teller. As you can see, there is a place to play around these fantasies.


5.Night of Horror

This idea will appeal to those who like to tickle their nerves or is suitable for celebrating Halloween. The purpose of the party is to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of fear, feel chilling horror and just have a lot of fun. When deciding to hold a party in this style, do not forget about the details. The room should be gloomy, the scenery should catch up with fear, and the costumes should tickle your nerves. Don't forget to stock up on chips, pop feed, soda and, of course, horror movies. You also should prepare some custom stickers to give out to your guests to support the scary vibe.




The idea of the party is simple: to organize a talent contest. Perhaps one of your friends can sing, someone can dance, someone does stand-up comedy, and someone is a master in magic tricks. So you can have such a talent party and have fun from the heart. And you don't really need to prepare: buy some prizes, make certificates, custom stickers, medals and... enjoy the program. Or you can choose a jury, take a video camera, a "host" and play the show.


7.Sinful party


 Oh, it's a super fun party. The main idea is that all participants are allowed to experience 7 deadly sins, of course, within reason. It would not be bad to inform your guests about the topic and dress up accordingly (for example, devils). Next, you need to think over contests and prizes. For example, the first contest will be the "glory" contest. That's how it's up to you to organize it. You can just decide who will eat more than anything, or you can come up with something more complicated. The next contest should be the contest dedicated to greed or lust. You can also come up with anything here. Don’t forget to print out custom stickers to go with the theme of the party.


8.Crazy house: having fun to the fullest

First, you just need to make a list of friends. Then you just need to make beautiful cards and custom stickers with roles that you would entrust to a particular friend. For example: someone should change into a teapot outfit, someone should have cups, penguin, etc., the main thing is to fulfill the conditions of the party. And there's no need to bother with the scenery. Take toilet paper and hang "garlands", and instead of a table, just a tablecloth on the floor in the middle of the room. And what? We have a creative party called "crazy house."


9.Evening of applied creativity

 If you and your friends are creative people, then such a party is just for you. Remember how long ago was the last time you all got together and did something with your own hands. Too long? Then it's time to fix it. Think about how you would like to spend the evening. Maybe you want to do something together, for example. Some common application or picture. Create your own piece of art and decorate it with custom stickers, that’ll be a party to remember!

10.Beach party


This is probably the most favorite and popular party among young people. And you can organize it quickly, have fun and actively relax. Put custom stickers on your glasses, beer bottles, and take everyone to a beach paradise of the Maldives or Hawaii!

As you can see, human fantasy simply knows no boundaries. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will have a new and interesting idea of a party to throw with your favorite friends. Turn on your imagination, order custom stickers and take only the best from life!